Giants Halftime

The new Cowboy Stadium has opened with the Giants going in at halftime with a 20-17 lead; however, from watching the game the Giants lead looks anything but safe. Now having been outplayed for a half and still having a lead is fairly impressive but that is mainly attributed to the wacky turnovers they were able to produce.

With Felix Jones running into his own man and coughing up the football led to three points for the Giants. A ball sailing on Romo led to a pick six by the undrafted rookie, and a weird bounce of the foot of Jason Witten led to a Phillips interception and after a nice catch and throw from Eli to Manningham the Giants scored another touchdown. Keeping count that is 17 points off of turnovers, with the Giants scoring 20 all half.

On offense the Giants have not been able to run the ball. They came out throwing, a strategy that led to their first three points of the game and a strategy that the coaches hoped would open up some running lanes later. This hasn’t been the case as with the week before the Giants offensive line has not been that impressive. They are getting pushed around and missing assignments. This has led to not only a poor running game but not the best protection for Eli Manning.

On defense the Giants have given up far too many big runs and even in obvious passing situations have not gotten the pressure on Romo. Even more troubling is the times they have blitzed the pressure hasn’t gotten there fast enough. The past couple drives the Giants seemed to get a little more aggressive and shut down those running plays, but on the Cowboys last possession the Giants defense allowed the Cowboys to go down the field and score a field goal that could have easily been a touchdown if there was more time.

OverallĀ  the Giants have been completely outplayed in this game as their defensive line is being manhandled by the Cowboys offensive line, with the Giants offensive line having trouble blocking the Cowboys front seven. The trenches are where games are won and loss and the Giants need to improve their play there if they want to win. They are winning now because they have gotten some lucky turnovers, they can not expect to win this game if they continue the poor play at the lines.

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