Mark Sanchez…Starter?

Going into the training camp the Clemens had the advantage as he was the veteran and Sanchez was the rookie. The thought was that there was no way Sanchez would be ready right away and it would be better for him to learn from the sidelines; however, throughout training camp and the preseason Sanchez has clearly outplayed Clemens and while the Jets might want to be careful about rushing Sanchez, if he presents himself as their best option to win it will be hard for the Jets to keep him on the sideline.

The first preseason game was one to forget for Clemens as while his completion percentage was good he did not throw for many yards and even had a fumble. Things did not get any better for Clemens when Sanchez came in as right out of the gate Sanchez made a beautiful downfield strike and continued to perform well enough to earn the start in the upcoming preseason game.

If Sanchez is able to play well the rest of the preseason there is a good chance he will be under center to start the season. Now quarterbacks that come out after their junior season at college have not faired well recently in the NFL. Something that should be magnified as Sanchez only started one season at USC. While this seems troubling it is not like no Junior has ever left and played well in the NFL. In fact one quarterback that came out made it to the league championship that year and has continued a good career winning two Superbowls already in his young career, that quarterback being Ben Roethlisberger.

The Jets do have the looks of a very good defense around Sanchez and have done a good job in recent years to build a very talented offensive line to keep Sanchez on his feet. He the AFC leading rusher from the previous season in Thomas Jones, and playmakers in Leon Washington, Jerrico Cotchery and Dustin Keller. While no one can expect him to come out and lead the Jets to the AFC championship it is not out of the question for him to lead them to a playoff berth.

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