One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The Mets started to make some noise and beat both the Astros and Rockies climbing back into the race. To follow this up the Mets lost three of four to the Diamondbacks, one of the few teams with a worse record from the Mets. It seems the Mets always do something like this, following up an impressive winning streak with a very disappointing losing streak.

The main point to get from this is even with the Mets finally playing good baseball and putting some streak together the Mets have only been playing .500 ball since Francoeur was acquired. Something Gary Cohen said as if it was a great accomplishment on one of the Mets telecasts. Now I believe he said this referring to the plan of playing .500 ball, or “keeping afloat” until the injured stars get back on the field to make a run. The problem is that plan was supposed to last only until the All-Star break with the intention of staying at .500 overall, something the Mets may never reach. The Mets are eight games back in the Wild Card behind seven teams….500 ball is not going to earn them a playoff birth.

The Mets have an easy stretch of games coming up that includes another series against the Diamondbacks and the Padres. Without success in this series it is hard to call this an “easy stretch” anymore. The worst part about this series is how poorly the pitching faired. Both Pelfrey and Perez couldn’t get out of the fifth inning, Figueroa couldn’t get out of the second with the best pitching performance coming from Livan Hernandez, a pitcher most fans hope will not return next season. Like mentioned in an earlier article the Mets rotation was not hit hard by injury and so there is no excuse why it should be performing so poorly, especially against an offense as poor as the Diamondbacks are.
With the Mets offense as injury ravaged as it is, the onus was supposed to be on the rotation to keep games close for the Mets to win. If the performances of these pitchers continue this way the Mets have no hope for getting back into this race even when their injured stars return.

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