Yanks Avoid the Four Game Sweep

The Yankees won the final game of a four game series against the White Sox preventing a four game sweep. The series loss puts them only half a game up over the Red Sox, a team they will be playing to end the week in another four game series.

This series against the White Sox should not raise too much alarm as it was unlikely the Yankees were going to continue to win nine of every ten games they play and so a series loss is acceptable especially since it’s the first one they lost since the All-Star break. The reason why it should cause concern though is the fact that they lost against the White Sox, a team that while not leading in any playoff spot, is still a contender this season. The Yankees have had trouble against possible playoff teams this year with poor play against teams like the Angels and Red Sox.

This series did not look good for the Yankees as their pitching was really exposed throughout with the White Sox hitting them hard. Their best performance of the series came when Andy Pettitte was pitching, with the rest of the series the Yanks giving up 10, 14, and 5 runs, the last game being pitched by their ace Sabathia. Not something encouraging for a team with enough rotation question marks that they heavily pursued Brian Bannister and Jarrod Washburn before the trading deadline.

The next two series they play are against the Blue Jays and the Red Sox, two important divisional series. If the Yankees can sweep the Jays in the shortened two game series and at least split with the Red Sox it should be considered a successful week. The season has reached August and it is about time the Yankees show they can beat the Red Sox. Not only that but they must show that this past series was just a fluke after a long hot streak.

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