All Good Things Must Come to an End

So the Mets winning streak has come to an end after five straight wins against teams ahead of them in the Wild Card. The winning streak ends now with the Mets six games away from the Wild Card and with the trade deadline past and no moves made the Mets will hope that the current roster and perhaps some injured players coming back are enough to propel them to a playoff appearance.

While it was nice to see the Mets go on this streak and prove that they can in fact play sound baseball I take the lack of trades to be reason the final nail in the coffin as i believe that the Mets will not make the playoffs. Omar continues to say that they are waiting for their injured players to get back, but that does not look like it is happening anytime soon. Reyes had a set back recently and if he is coming back would be playing hurt. There have been reports that Beltran could come back but will be playing hurt as there is a belief he needs surgery, something that might keep him out for a large portion of next season, and Delgado has not even had a rehab game yet. We have already heard reports that Maine is not likely coming back, so the most promising news is on Wagner a player who does not seem to have a lot of impact as the team already has a closer and have already tried the experiment of having a closer set up. In addition the bullpen has been a strength so while it might make it that much better, it still is not a huge upgrade.

If the Mets plan on making the postseason they have to hope that this recent streak was not a fluke and that they are capable of playing like they have here on out. They also need to get lucky and hope that the other seven teams in front of them play poorly enough that the Mets can make up enough ground because even with them playing well it is going to be tough to make up the ground the Mets have to cover. Here is hoping there is enough magic left for the Mets to make a true run for the postseason but either way, I just hope for good baseball to at least give me hope over the next two months.

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