Should the Mets Make a Trade?

This topic was debated more fervently earlier in the season when the Mets were still close in the race, but as the trading deadline is coming closer I believe it is about time to revisit the issue. The logic behind a trade is that the Mets went into this season expecting to compete and with their proximity to a possible playoff birth they might need that extra boost to get there. The question is, is that boost worth mortgaging their future?

With their recent “winning streak” the Mets might again be interested in possibly acquiring a player to keep them in the race until their reinforcements come. If they can stay within 4-6 games of the wild card they have a good chance of making a run when they get their big bats in Delgado, Reyes and possibly Beltran back. It would be a nice way to save the season and while there are reports that both Minaya and Manuel are safe, nothing is written in stone (especially after Minaya’s most recent press conference) and I am sure they would feel a lot safer if they made it into the playoffs or at least close with the way this season has gone.

The problem with this is there is not one player that I see as really helping the Mets. Right now unless they can find themselves a first baseman of the future I think you have to hope that Pagan and Francoeur continue to play well and forget about a trade. A trade just hurts you for the future as any trade is likely going to cost you Jon Niese, Fernando Martinez or both, two players that could possibly come out and help the team next year. In addition unless they plan on acquiring a player like Halladay the chances of the player being worth the prospects they give up is slim especially with the Mets past luck in deadline deals.

Like I keep saying, at this point in the season the chances of the Mets making a run is slim. It is still possible, especially if they can consistently play the way they have the past three days, but as even that is a question a run is not likely. Unless the Mets see it as a trade that is going to help them next season and beyond without costing too much the Mets should just hold on to their prospects. The Mets farm system is depleted enough as it is and they can’t keep trading away their closest major league ready prospects. This season is most likely a wash so just spend the rest of the season hoping the current roster can get you to the playoffs and if not keep an eye to next season.

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