Jon Niese Has Arrived

The last time we saw Jon Niese he was struggling to get to the fifth inning against the division rival Braves. This outing was a completely different experience for the young left hander as he managed to go seven innings of one run ball to get his first win of the season. To say he looked good in this start would be an understatement, as Niese had the command of a seasoned veteran and the stuff of a young star. The first inning was a little shaky for Niese but once he got command of his curveball the Astros had a tough time figuring him out. He finished the game with three strike outs and managed to get two Astros to ground out into double plays.

This start was very encouraging and impressive as Jon Niese really looked like a Major League pitcher, something that didn’t seem to be the case even in the start earlier this season against the Pirates where his numbers were good. He looked poised and had great command of all his pitches not making many mistakes and keeping his walks down. If Niese can continue this production for the remainder of the season, not necessarily pitching seven innings of one run ball but just continuing to show command and overall an ability to pitch at the Major League level, then the Mets will not have to so desperately look for pitchers for next season, something that will help greatly seeing as how many holes the Mets will have going into next year with Delgado, Livan and possibly even Maine not coming back to the Metropolitans. With a rotation sporting Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey and an effective Jon Niese the Mets could be one top of the rotation starter from having a top rotation. Something that will be important as the Mets do not have a clean up hitter in line for next year and might decide to stick with Murphy and his .245 average at first.

Overall I find this start very encouraging and for the first time in weeks made watching the Mets an exciting evening activity, and at the very least gave me a reason to watch the Mets every fifth day. Going off topic from this article it was also pretty nice to see the Mets put up the type of offensive production they had last season and if they can figure out how to consistently get those extra base hits like they did last night, they have a chance of getting back into this race, though a slim chance.

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